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Celebrity Conversation: A Mysterious Dialogue

Speaker Message
Kim Kardashian Hey, Rihanna! I was thinking about starting my own jewellery business. Do you think a jewellery business is profitable in the long run?
Rihanna Kim, I definitely think it’s a lucrative venture, but you need to consider legal aspects too. Have you researched what a legal executive does for business like yours?
Kim Kardashian That’s a good point, Rihanna. I should also look into federal contract management certification online to ensure I’m compliant with regulations.
Rihanna And don’t forget the 10 commandments in American law that every business should abide by.
Kim Kardashian Definitely! I’ll also need to make sure my jewellery business is legal in Bahasa Indonesia, in case I expand internationally.
Rihanna Speaking of international, have you looked into the capital requirements regulation in the UK? It might affect your operations there.
Kim Kardashian Not yet, but I’ll definitely do that. I might also need to consider conditional sale car finance for my business vehicles.
Rihanna And if you ever face any legal disputes, you could consider comity agreements to resolve them.